carlos beltran

January 15, 2010

Mets OF Carlos Beltran issued a statement tonight, through his agent, Scott Boras, in response to today’s conference call with reporters, in which he said:

“I am totally surprised by the reaction to my recent knee surgery. Any accusations that I ignored or defied the team’s wishes are simply false. I also spoke to Omar Minaya about the surgery on Tuesday. He did not ask me to wait, or to get another doctor’s opinion. He just wished me well. No one from team raised any issue until Wednesday, after I was already in surgery. I do not know what else I could have done. The most important thing here is that the surgery was a total success and I expect to be back on the field playing the game I love sooner rather than later.”


The Mets issued the following press release

January 14, 2010

The Mets issued the following press release a few moments ago:

“Carlos Beltran had worsening of osteoarthritis of the right knee during the offseason. He had not been experiencing pain following the conclusion of the season and into his early offseason conditioning. The symptoms returned to the point where pre-spring training conditioning became too painful. He elected to undergo arthroscopic clean out of the arthritic area of his knee by Beltran”s personal physician Dr. Richard Steadman today in Colorado. He is anticipated to return to baseball activities in 12 weeks.

Beltran to miss 8-12 weeks

January 14, 2010

According to Jon Heyman of, Carlos Beltran had knee surgery today, he is expected to need eight weeks of rehab and will miss the start of the season.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post hears Carlos Beltran had microfracture surgery today without the team’s permission.

According to Steve Popper of the Bergen Record, “Not sure what the news is yet, but Mets do have news coming tonight and it’s not sounding like good news.”

Bad mets news…

January 14, 2010

In a post to Twitter, Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus said:

“Big news pending for Mets. Doesn’t sound good.”

Mets and bengie molina

January 13, 2010

Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports is reporting that free agent catcher Bengie Molina is backing away from his desired three-year contract and is now willing to sign a deal for only the next two seasons. We learned two weeks ago from ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick that Molina was considering lowering his demands, perhaps to reach a compromise with the Mets’ offer of a one-year contract with an option (though Matthew Cerrone of thought the Mets would be willing to offer Molina the full two years.)

A source told ESPN The Magazine’s Tim Kurkjian (as reported on ESPN’s Insider Rumors page) that a deal could be finalized between the team and the veteran catcher within “the next 48 to 72 hours,” which makes sense if Molina and the Mets have met each other halfway on the contract’s length.

The key to the 2010 mets is Defense

January 12, 2010

update 9:53
moses0507 from mets forum wrote:
Castillo can field two feet to his left and right. Thats about it
LOL Great post right there!

With a healthy lineup we should produce and with the acquisition of jason bay he will help us! Now lets look back at the 2009 defense, just horrible! Dropped balls, mental mistakes,not tracking the ball correctly, or even bad double play turnings! Lets look at the outfield: Jason Bay LF, carlos Beltran CF and jeff francoeur RF. This is a pretty good outfield. Beltran has very good range and when healthy can rob base hits and save runs. Lets look at francoeur, he has a gun, his arm can help the mets in many ways. whether its getting the guy out at third or getting the game saving throw to the plate, this guy would be great for any team that needs defense. OK last but not least Jason Bay! Hes not below average,and hes not like Torii Hunter, but what he can do is Catch fly balls and throw to the right base.(something this team had trouble with in 2009,cough cough daniel murphy)

Next is the infield,
starting with catching:
the mets have acquired, henry blanco as the backup catcher, he has good defense and can help this pitching staff develop……

Now, lets go to first base: daniel murphy
he has made great plays at 1st in 2009, and he has shown range. But he sometimes takes risk and throws to second to try and turn two, most of the time he did turn too!

second base: luis castillo
wow, um yeah…….besides the dropped ball at NYS he has shown at his age(34) he still can field…he is declining though, so we shall see what he does in 2010

shortstop: Jose Reyes
Jose Jose Jose Jose! WHen he is healthy in 2010 he should be a big factor for the mets, his speed and range can help save the mets some runs. hew will bring energy back to this team,which they haven’t seen since may of 2009 O.o

Next!!!!! David wright
wow…last year wright had 18 errors! I do understand with reyes not at short and delgado not at first it did put pressure on him. If wright can come back to “life” and stop putting so much pressure on himself you could see gold glove # 3 in 2010!

Mets in talks with pinero

January 12, 2010

7:09pm: According to Ed Price’s Twitter feed, the Mets and Joel Pineiro are talking, with the money somewhere around two years, $15MM.

At that price, you’d have to think a deal could get done quickly. The Mets have been interested in Pineiro all offseason, though Pineiro has seemed to be looking for a deal that rivals or exceeds the three-year, $29.75MM contract Randy Wolf signed with the Brewers.

Two years, $15MM is exactly what Jason Marquis signed for earlier this offseason with the Nationals. Despite the concerns over whether Pineiro can repeat his successful 2009 without Dave Duncan, his pitching coach with the Cardinals, the Mets would be taking a worthwhile risk at that price and length.

Pineiro was 15-12 in 2009 with a 3.49 ERA and just 27 walks in 214 innings pitched.

Mets in serious talks with reds

January 10, 2010

As you all know the reds have agreed to a deal with Aroldis Chapman, worth 5yr/25MM. Now the reds are trying to free up some space and $. They would either trade arroyo or Harang and possibly Phillips.

Matthew cerrone of metsblog wrote on his twitter:

MLB Hot Stove: Mets are still in trade talks with Reds, as well as free-agent starting pitchers, & Molina, more tomorrow on

The mets might be interested in Melvin Mora?

January 10, 2010

Dan Connolly of the Baltimore Sun learned from Melvin Mora’s agent that the third baseman has two NL clubs and one AL team as suitors, none in the Eastern divisions.’s Joe Frisaro may have solved this riddle, as he tweets that the Rockies, Mets, and Angels have talked to Mora. The Mets don’t fit given the non-eastern criteria, however.

could mora sign a 1 year deal and play first base? I would rather sign delgado though, because he is likely to put up more numbers

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January 10, 2010