Johan Santana on Today’s Bullpen Session

Johan Santana threw a 25-pitch bullpen session this morning in Port St. Lucie.

He told reporters he was very excited with how he felt today, “I felt pretty good, the ball was coming out pretty good, I feel like I did my mechanics with no problem and I didn’t feel anything in my arm.”

He said he had been working on his mechanics this winter, using a portable mound, but to get out on the field and throw from a real bullpen, ‘and be able to go through my whole routine,’ is good.

Santana said he threw a change up and it had ‘nice motion,’ which tells him, ‘we’re ahead of the game.’

He explained that, last season, because of the bone chips in his elbow:

“I wasn’t able to finish up the pitches. I wasn’t able to lift my leg the way I’m supposed to because I wasn’t able to reach out. That is what I was trying to do today, to see that. Today, I was able to see my leg when I finished the pitch and that’s big, to see that this early is a good sign… I just need to get back to being the old Johan and being aggressive.”


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